27 Sept 2018

Two Unto One.

Let’s take a moment to reflect what keeps us grounded.
Let’s take a moment to remember those who we love.
Is it their hauntingly familiar voice?
Is it their achingly comforting shroud?
Do we tell the ones we love how much we love them?

Does our heart unanimously beat as one?
Can you separate two mingling shadows?
Or the frosty intertwining breath on a cold night?
Do love and care mean something different?
Or do we not separate them at all?

Does their pain feel like a million knives pierced on an open wound?
Do their fears keep you awake long into the night?
Do you wish you could freeze the moment?
Do you want to stop time?
Do you taste them like blood in your mouth?
One felt, never undone.

Do you breathe as they breathe?
Do you feel their long drawn raspy breath?
Does their pain break into your soul
Does it make you bleed?
Do you see crimson as they rage?
Do you shatter with their pain?
Do cold sweats awaken you as they have a nightmare?
Can you even separate your souls?
Where does one begin, where does one end?

Taste blood if you don’t. 
Time is a terribly cruel epitaph. 
One moment she dances just out of reach, and the next she sweeps you away with her cold, magnetic charm.

And just like that, gone. 

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