28 Jul 2007

Gender Equality!!

The conversation kind of went like this!!!

Mihir: so...
me: typing! :P
Mihir: typing what? >_<
me: words n sentences
Mihir: related to?
dont you dare call me that
me: :P
thats my roshambull thingy says now
i am a n00b
Mihir: bleh
i agree
me: :P
Mihir: ^_^
me: bull
Mihir: whats the gender oppsite of cowdung? :P
me: bullding?? :P
Mihir: lmao
from what angle??? :P
me: :)
cow attracts bull and it seemed convinient to replace u with i!! :D
Mihir: >_<
me: that was sad
Mihir: gender opposite of cowdung is bullshit!
n00b <_<

I want!!

  • A cloud with a silver lining.
  • A smile upon every deserving face.
  • A little box selling happiness.
  • A shining ray of hope.
  • An unforgettable evening of laughter.
  • A friend who will always stand by with me.
  • A device that keeps churning out small arrows of forgiveness.
  • A shadow that can talk!
  • My very own pet superhero.
Please donate generously!! :P