14 Dec 2008


It is one hell of a day when you realise that, all that you have been doing is wrong. That it hasn't been fair. That justice wasn't meted out. That it broke someone along the way. That the tears were unstoppable.

You did wrong. You weren't fair. You didn't do justice. You broke someone along the way. You made someone cry.

Then you realise in all glory; that the person you are staring at is your own reflection. You are looking at a mirror. A mirror that is as cracked and faded, as you feel. As tormented as the shadows of the dark. As ghastly as you feel ashamed of your unfairness. As lonely and tormented as your soul. As insane as the world that it reflects.

And yet, you know that it is you. And there is still so much more there. A promise of a better tomorrow. A sliver of a new dawn. A faint silver lining.

You promise yourself to make it better. You promise to stand up for yourself. You want to prove something to yourself. You don't let anyone else rule you. They don't hold a say in your life. They don't have that much importance. They don't matter at all.

The gory death of you. That was what had; almost, happened. And somehow you lived to see another day. The carnage was terrible, the stench of blood overpowering. The darkness ripped your soul.

And yet you live.

No, they didn't miss you. No, they didn't fall. No, they don't realise that you are still very much there.

Still alive.

Living for yourself. For a change. A good change.

PS: My sun still shines. :)