20 Jun 2009

Walking on...

People touch my life everyday. Some stay in there. Some go. So, this is a vague but accurate description of important people in my life who have chosen to walk on..

Specimen 1:
Charming, caring, sweet, humble, dedicated, committed, an awesome listener, patient, chivalrous, honest, gallant, courteous and down to earth.

Reason for exit:
Refused to move from ally to beloved.

Specimen 2:
Confident, sure, understanding, foodie, cunning, insightful, very perceptive, sagacious, my encourager, popular, intelligent, bitching partner, committed and loving.

Reason for exit:
The twinkle faded.

Specimen 3:

Chud-bud, funny, animal and nature lover, creative, secret-holder, birthday forgetting, sweet, nice, amusing, Nadal fan, sunset passionate, cute and one of my closest friends.

Reason for exit:
Random but major issues.

Specimen 4:
Funny, loving, understanding, friendly, very pretty, parental rule opposer, one of the few friends from jn. college, flexible, sweet, panipuri addict and smart.

Reason for exit:
Distance and lies.

Specimen 5:
Cute, sweet, amusing, geeky, charming, yapper, gadget freak, Star Trek fanatic, sci-fi lover, chocolate lover, hug giver and funny.

Reason for exit:
Specimen never grew up.

So, yes; I have done my part. I am sorry to have let go.. You meant a lot to me back then and you still mean a lot to me right now.. But the days ahead will bring more hope and more sunshine. You crazy diamonds; shine on. I miss you. <3

2 Jun 2009

For Nimit.

This post has been so long overdue.

You are the solid rock in my life. The never changing persona. The ever smiling, forever understanding guy. The constant companion. The walk buddy. The junk food addict. The best friend. The only friend. The true friend. The charmer. The dreamer. The believer.

You have always believed in me. Believed in me when I was too broken to believe in myself.

You have always had faith in me. When I gave up hope and faith in my life, you taught me to keep the faith.

You have been the non questioning, super understanding and space giving guy to a girl whose life; would give a roller coaster a run for it's money!

You have; most importantly, forever been there.

Thank you Nimit. I love you more than I would admit and I would turn the world over, twice; before I let you go.

Mwah. <3

I wouldn't ask you to not change, because a gem, a marvel and a luminary like you; would only get better with time.