27 Aug 2008

The Poem.

Words and rhymes just ebb and flow
The world is still fresh and mellow
The pain and the scars keep you alive
The hand that feeds you shrivels and dies
The thirst and heat do their trick
Reality hits like a tonne of bricks
For every drop of rain that pours
Menial issues become cored
The yellowed swing still swings by
The patched ground is very dry
Hope dies and steps falter
Destruction shows up the the altar
Both sides of a coin are unfair
The bullet grazes past your hair
The shining ray of light fades
The walnut tree shades your grave.

PS: It has been a while and I have missed this space. I haven't had time to be courteous or chivalrous when it came down to blog etiquette and I apologise.

PPS: I missed you guys!

14 Aug 2008

The last bit!

I'm going to keep this simple and sweet!

Joel is back; and how! Most of the things on the last "I want" list have been fulfilled. I'm not going to be coming back to this place for some time. Hope you guys keep well. Have a good weekend. Happy Independence day!

8 Aug 2008

The eternal confusion in the realms of life...

It is raining outside,
My hair won't settle
I need a vacation;
I'm sick of doing words,
I want a cuddle
A hug or two more
I want a reunion
I want to meet someone for the first time
I want to see the moon
I want to run free
The sea beckoning to me
I want Christian Bale
I want someone to croon for me
I need that last bit of cheesecake
I want mom to bake
My eyes demand rest
My mind wants more
Sleep is a tentative word
Kisses are sweet albeit rare
I have to go shopping
I have to live up to my own expectations
The last 3 inches refuse to budge
Italian things are what dreams are made of
Both the cars and the men!
I want to meet Boozo
Maybe spend time with nature
I want to rewrite the lyrics of Black
I want to blow bubbles
And clear the window pane
The last bits of moisture
Fizzy hazes of pain
I want to break down
And yet fly so high
I want cookies too
Maybe some samosas with it
Soul curry for the mind
And get wasted away all night long
I want a voice which will make people weep
And eyes that will captivate your soul
Holding on forever
It is still pouring outside..

I know that wishing won't get me anywhere
But it won't stop me from dreaming!
You there, I love you.
You are reading this because you care! :)