26 Nov 2008

The Temptress

You want a piece of me
Maybe you want the whole being
You want to be thrilled
You want the feel
You want the insanely heady rush
The smoothness
The grating smoothness
The unimaginable softness
You want the immediate high
You want the throes of elation
The endless boundaries of desire
The polished beauty
The finespun features
The prevailing finesse
You want the ceaseless pain
The tortured anguish
The endless hope
The perpetual faith
The consummate soul
You want the enamoring spirit
You want it all...

You can't have me
You can't tame the spirit
You can't apprehend the soul
You can't crush the faith
You can't torment the hope
You can't beguile me
The infliction will deepen
The pain will revere
The broken soul will heal
The spirit will soar
The body will break
The soul will remain pure
The purposeful eyes
The driven mind
All will hold strong
In these trying times

I can understand the thrill
All the heady ways
The barbed satin beauty
And her fiery gaze
She makes you swoon
She sends you in a daze
You would croon for her
You live in her craze
All you want is her
All you need is her
The barbed satin beauty
And her fiery gaze...

14 Nov 2008

Dreams and the Family.

I woke up in cold sweat. I don't usually remember my dreams and most of them are pleasant. Thus, dreaming in explicit detail about losing a family member didn't leave me with any happy thought. It though; did leave me with a lot of doubt and many unanswered questions. 

I had just witnessed my mother's death as a third person. 

It left me shaken and visibly disturbed. Viewing the entire scene from the third person's point of view let me examine myself at the point of crisis. But more than that, it left me with a bunch of unanswered questions. I didn't know my ma's favourite colour. I didn't know her favourite dish. I didn't know the one thing that she loved the most in the world. The problematic part was, even after waking up; I didn't have answers to these questions.

It made me realise that even though my family is so close knit, I had so many unanswered questions. Living the fast life, always on the run; I have forgotten how to enjoy life. Needless to say that I don't have answers to the questions yet but I know what I will be reduced to if my family breaks up. Touchwood; that it doesn't happen for a long time. It will eventually happen, I know that; but I hope it doesn't happen anytime soon.

The problem that we face today; is that we forget to prioritise. We forget that our family is just as important as our friends are. Ask me to name my friend's favourite colour, I will know. Quiz me about their food habits and I will tell you in a jiffy. I know their most loved/hated lists like the back of my hand. But I fail miserably when it comes to my family. And I pride myself on being real close to my family. There is little that I don't know or share with them. 

But I do know that I want to learn more. I want to know more about the people who were always there for me. The ones who kissed the tears away. The ones who slept with the lights on when I was scared. The ones who cradled me and read out stories on the nights I couldn't sleep. The ones who taught me some of life's greatest lessons. The ones who I more or less tend to take for granted. 

Look back. Retrospect. There must have been a thousand times when you fought with your parents to see that movie which they didn't want you to see. To go to the coffee shop with a bunch of friends. To go on the promised date with that cute guy/girl you had been eyeing for months. But did we for once see the pain we inflicted back at home? Invisible scars that refuse to heal? Silent tears of pain? Hours of worry...??? 

No we don't. We are way too selfish and self absorbed to bother with the people who give us the much required unconditional love. The ones who would do anything for us at the bat of an eyelid. The ones who will risk their lives to save us from getting scratched. 

Our unsung heroes. Our family members. Our life.


I owe you guys a million times over. For always being there. And even though I rarely let you know. I love you. More than I can express and more than anything else. Forever. For always.