27 May 2009

For him, who mattered.

The tears fell thick and fast..
My best friend walked away..
The tears splashed by once again..
He never looked back this way..
I prayed to the sun and to the sky,
To take my pain away..
The eons of pain and distress were too much to swallow
They were too much to stay..
The bright horizon dulled a little,
The stars lost their shine,
If only I knew what I did wrong,
My amends would make you mine..
With every rattled breath i take,
And every choking sob;
I pray to Lord to keep you happy,
I pray that he keeps you warm..
You gave me too many dreams,
And you mattered too much to me,
But every disagreement we had;
Showed how less understanding I could be..
Your infinite patience used,
Your happy smile long gone,
If only I knew how I wronged you,
If only I knew at all..
It hurts me to see you with her,
It hurts me so bloody much;
Sometimes I wish I had never learnt at all,
Or bothered to feel your touch..
Your gentle pat on my head,
And your grin at my silly jokes,
Your patience to hear my jabber out,
Your forbearance with all my pokes..
I tickled you all the time,
And I also tugged at your hair,
I tried so hard to piss you off
But your patience was always there..
Then one day I stopped my talk,
And I didn't tell you at all;
The reason behind my silence
Which ultimately led to my fall;
I needed to find something out that day,
I had to find my peace,
My silence cost me so much to date,
That all I can do is grieve..
I hope you are really happy today
And that your happiness lasts,
I know how much she means to you..
And I know you are in love..

Keep smiling always, Arvind. Miss you.