25 Jun 2014


Each little memory, each with a share
Every little corner, staged another dare

Every breath jagged, each beat cold
Brittle and tarnished, remained her hold

He walked away, torn and lost
Her, he left behind at a great cost

Each day difficult, each breath a sin
Hope seemed lost, and chance seemed slim

Every step meek, every minute told
Time was running out, as the seconds did unfold

He kept thinking, he kept up his lies
Her he couldn't give up, not till the day he died

Families ripped two souls apart, afar
Memories gripped, like the solace of a shooting star

He kept his promise, he knew he was being bold
But he sought out those moments, his warmth in the cold

She was his princess, he was her czar
She, the only diamond, the sky's greatest star

He kept her warm, and held her tight
They talked under the stars that night

She was his luminary, he was her craze
Each a diamond, in the other's life's maze 

22 Jun 2014

Random - Part Infinite

All things beautiful and all things bold,
All those tales which remain untold,
Walk into this heart, frail and cold
Show me love and the heart is sold.