22 Mar 2008

You are THE most important thing in my life!!

Scene 1:

A cute girl exits her building. Just checked her beautiful makeup. 'It is ze perfect', she thinks. Walking. Still walking. Just then, the faintest little frown crosses her seemingly flawless forehead. The frown deepens. She checks her pockets. More like caresses them. Suddenly, all pretense undone, she starts digging into her tote with a voracious urgency. Diggity. Diggity. Pauses for a deep breath. More diggity.


'Not again. How could I left my phone at home again?'

With an almost ridiculous sigh, all the vanity forgotten, she runs back towards the building. How she manages that is lost upon me because I have never seen anyone and I repeat anyone running on heels that look like they are a quarter mile long!!

*She emerges out of the building 3 minutes later with a glorious look of achievement. All vanity back in place. A priceless gloating look on her face. She hustles for a cab. Triumph etched on her flawless face.*

Scene 2:

*BEST route no. 521. Happens whenever the lady in question boards the 8:20a.m. bus. I'm always thankful when she doesn't. I'm in the grumpiest of moods, the day I have to sit with her or vice versa.*

This starts within minutes or even seconds after the BEST pulls out from the depot. Ever since she got herself a new cell, she can't stop yakking. Most of the conversation is in Marathi. I try very hard NOT to eavesdrop but she is way too loud for me to block her out.

Most of the conversation is inane. Enough to make you wish either you could shut her up and sometimes when it gets too unbearable, that you could walk to college....!!!! Mindless things like what are you planning to wear, silly gossip, lunch woes, family problems and of course the damned beau trouble!!! It is an everyday story. I'm starting to get familiar with the names of family members and the cute guys in her office!!!

*Rolls Eyes.*

If you had a peon called Snehal, a male peon that is... Even you WOULD be grumpy!!!!!!

*I kid you not, it is the truth...!!!*

Scene 3:

*In the shrillest tones ever!*

Tring. TRING. T-R-I-N-G....!!!!!

*Oh! Pick up already, I silently curse. Why have a phone that you refuse to answer...???*

The man in question is still staring at the phone. TRING. Finally, an eternity later.

'Who is speaking?'
'Uh-huh. So who gave you my number?'
'He gave you my number? Are you sure?'

*Listens to the reply. An impatient look crosses his face.*

'And you are telling me that he gave you my number??'
'But why would he give you the number? I told him not to give my number. I don't like being interrupted.'

*This of course is happening in a BEST. Interruption my ass...!!!!*

'But again, Sir, you never told me why you called me.'
'Uh-huh. But why would he give my number?'

*This silly conversation carries on for another 6 whole minutes where the man in question doesn't give the caller a chance to explain why he has called!*

Suddenly.. An awestruck look crosses his face.

'WHAT? My wife is in labour..??!!!!!!'


9 Mar 2008

Happy Happy... Happy :) :) :)


Slept late.
Woke up later..!!
Good food.
Good health.
Long walk.
Lots of books.
Cheesy, predictable Historical Romance.
Feel good walk.
Pani Puri.
Heart-to-heart talks.
More walking.
Puppies even.
More feel good thingy. :)
GRE words.
Rapid fire rounds.
Laconic Answers.
Love <3.
Friends. :)
Phone calls.
More talking.
Pun. (Has to be there!!)
Template choosing indecisiveness.
Happy sister.
Cherished conversations.
Contented sighs.
(Finally at 5 am) Sleep.

Content, happy, euphoric and peaceful sleep.
Thank you. :)
You know who you are. The conversation did the trick.
Love ya loads, miss ya loads. Good bless. <3 <3 <3