26 Jul 2009


I wish the sun would speak to me again,
I wish my words would just flow,
I wish my day would be simply amazing
I wish I could regain some of that control;

I wish I could just leave all this behind
I wish I could simply pack up and go
I wish that the clouds take me away
Then it would just be me, joy and some more!

20 Jun 2009

Walking on...

People touch my life everyday. Some stay in there. Some go. So, this is a vague but accurate description of important people in my life who have chosen to walk on..

Specimen 1:
Charming, caring, sweet, humble, dedicated, committed, an awesome listener, patient, chivalrous, honest, gallant, courteous and down to earth.

Reason for exit:
Refused to move from ally to beloved.

Specimen 2:
Confident, sure, understanding, foodie, cunning, insightful, very perceptive, sagacious, my encourager, popular, intelligent, bitching partner, committed and loving.

Reason for exit:
The twinkle faded.

Specimen 3:

Chud-bud, funny, animal and nature lover, creative, secret-holder, birthday forgetting, sweet, nice, amusing, Nadal fan, sunset passionate, cute and one of my closest friends.

Reason for exit:
Random but major issues.

Specimen 4:
Funny, loving, understanding, friendly, very pretty, parental rule opposer, one of the few friends from jn. college, flexible, sweet, panipuri addict and smart.

Reason for exit:
Distance and lies.

Specimen 5:
Cute, sweet, amusing, geeky, charming, yapper, gadget freak, Star Trek fanatic, sci-fi lover, chocolate lover, hug giver and funny.

Reason for exit:
Specimen never grew up.

So, yes; I have done my part. I am sorry to have let go.. You meant a lot to me back then and you still mean a lot to me right now.. But the days ahead will bring more hope and more sunshine. You crazy diamonds; shine on. I miss you. <3

2 Jun 2009

For Nimit.

This post has been so long overdue.

You are the solid rock in my life. The never changing persona. The ever smiling, forever understanding guy. The constant companion. The walk buddy. The junk food addict. The best friend. The only friend. The true friend. The charmer. The dreamer. The believer.

You have always believed in me. Believed in me when I was too broken to believe in myself.

You have always had faith in me. When I gave up hope and faith in my life, you taught me to keep the faith.

You have been the non questioning, super understanding and space giving guy to a girl whose life; would give a roller coaster a run for it's money!

You have; most importantly, forever been there.

Thank you Nimit. I love you more than I would admit and I would turn the world over, twice; before I let you go.

Mwah. <3

I wouldn't ask you to not change, because a gem, a marvel and a luminary like you; would only get better with time.

27 May 2009

For him, who mattered.

The tears fell thick and fast..
My best friend walked away..
The tears splashed by once again..
He never looked back this way..
I prayed to the sun and to the sky,
To take my pain away..
The eons of pain and distress were too much to swallow
They were too much to stay..
The bright horizon dulled a little,
The stars lost their shine,
If only I knew what I did wrong,
My amends would make you mine..
With every rattled breath i take,
And every choking sob;
I pray to Lord to keep you happy,
I pray that he keeps you warm..
You gave me too many dreams,
And you mattered too much to me,
But every disagreement we had;
Showed how less understanding I could be..
Your infinite patience used,
Your happy smile long gone,
If only I knew how I wronged you,
If only I knew at all..
It hurts me to see you with her,
It hurts me so bloody much;
Sometimes I wish I had never learnt at all,
Or bothered to feel your touch..
Your gentle pat on my head,
And your grin at my silly jokes,
Your patience to hear my jabber out,
Your forbearance with all my pokes..
I tickled you all the time,
And I also tugged at your hair,
I tried so hard to piss you off
But your patience was always there..
Then one day I stopped my talk,
And I didn't tell you at all;
The reason behind my silence
Which ultimately led to my fall;
I needed to find something out that day,
I had to find my peace,
My silence cost me so much to date,
That all I can do is grieve..
I hope you are really happy today
And that your happiness lasts,
I know how much she means to you..
And I know you are in love..

Keep smiling always, Arvind. Miss you.

5 Mar 2009


Pain and grief tore through her
The lucky man had it all
The injustice of the situation,
The cruelty in this fall

Bitter bile rose through the hurt, and;
Distraught, she swayed
The bitter beauty of this jazz, is that;
He just threw it all away.

15 Feb 2009

The Day.

I haven't laughed so much in ages.
I haven't grinned ear to ear since forever.
I haven't been this happy since Joel's surprise visit.
I didn't realise how much I needed this!
But I did.
It was an awesome day and the effects are still there.
I'm still on a happy high.
The banter.
The teasing.
The bitching.
The expletives.
The new piercing.
The new friend.
The old friend.
The boyfriend.

It was the best Valentine's ever!
The guys were beaten in their own avenue.
The girls prevailed.
Tickling is still the best form of submission.
Laughing is THE best medicine.
People are the best therapy.
Inorbit gaming zone is the best!!!!

Mush and gift exchanging, a perfect Valentine's day don't make.
Hammer hitting, hippo beating, bull dog attacking, air hockey playing, light stepping and awesome people.
This all maketh a perfect Valentine's day.

I couldn't have asked for something better!!!

PS: The people involved were:
Kavya: The gem. The marvel.
Mihir: The luminary. The star.
Ravi: The new one. The best.

I owe all three of you a big thank you. You guys gave me one of the most memorable days I have had in a long time.

10 Feb 2009

Winds of Change

The bright ascent of the moon
The purity contained in the shores
Your happy and cheerful voice
The utter lack of chaos

The beauty in little things
The crisp flow of letters
The feeling of contentment
Life, for the good and the better

The lazy morning dewdrops
The misty rays of the sun
Opportunities knocking around
Children in throes of fun

The quiet hum of music
A soft shuffle on the ground
The ability to be positive
The vibrancy of sounds


The dark descent of the moon
The disturbance contained in the shores
Your angry and frustrated voice
The world in chaos

The tragedy in little things
The broken flow of letters
The feeling of resentment
Life, getting worse and not better

The polluted morning dewdrops
The harsh rays of the sun
Missed opportunities all around
Perverts in their throes of fun

The unbearable hum of music
An unsteady shuffle on the ground
The inability to be positive
The endurable sounds


Life changes so quickly
That all we can do is stare
It grabs you by the collar
It grabs you by the hair

The nuances in life
And all the things it brings
It will either be awesome
Or it will completely stink

I'm going through a new low
It is an impossible gloom
But all I know is that-
A new tomorrow will come soon

It will bring me hope
And it will shine really bright
Till then all the gloom and all
Will just be a fading light


You're on the road
But you've got no destination
You're in the mud
In the maze of her imagination

You love this town
Even if that doesn't ring true
You've been all over
And its been all over you

Beautiful Day- U2

11 Jan 2009

Men and their ways

"Chivalry is only second to self respect."

Thus quoted my friend.

I wish more men remembered and used chivalry freely.. Open doors, pull out seats, let the "fairer" sex walk ahead, and NOT ask us to slide in a cab!!! :P

We women like it, just that we are too proud to say that these little things matter. We love the feeling that follows the chivalric behavior. We feel like the most precious thing in the world, the most loved, a princess in our own small worlds...

Don't you want the women in your life to feel goodie good and amazing? That includes the sisters, friends and mommies. Not only the wife and girlfriend/s!! :D

Ofcourse, you want them to feel on top of the world. And that happiness will fill you up inside.. :)


Practise chivalry guys.. It pays. Always. :)

PS: For all you women:

Yeah those guys wanna come treat ya right
Cause you're sweeter than apple pie
Everything that you want you got
Girl you know that you need to stop
Most beautiful thing in sight
Always takin' on the spotlight

-What you got by Colby O Donis feat. Akon.

We love it completely!