27 Jan 2014

Fork in the road.

He moved with her flow
And swayed to her tunes
Each in their own trance
Lost to the moon

She was his pied piper
He was her beast
They commanded each other
Yet, independent each seemed

He was haunted by her sway
Her moves, her ways
She was captive in his gaze
His beauty, his craze

He wanted her all for him
She wanted the same
The Gods planned otherwise
They didn't share a name

They took different forks
On a two forked way
Each saying a silent goodbye
They left in haste

A year later their roads crossed
Her smile and his grin
Though both were happy
T'was something that each lacked

Both of them missed each other
Both of them incomplete
They were destined to be together
The Gods also agreed

They walked the next fork together
Walking hand in hand
Their faces alight with happiness
Whilst leaving footprints in the sand.