30 Oct 2011

The Wanderer..

It takes time to walk them steps again. It takes time to get back to writing, when you don't remember how to hold a pen. It takes time to think when your mind is everywhere and yet nowhere. It takes time. And effort. A conscious, time consuming effort. But it feels nice to be back. Even when you long to have him run his silken fingers on your soul..

Music is how you interpret life. Your music is personal. Just like your words. Just like your thoughts. Music is what saved me from drifting onto unknown one-way shores. Mind you, I have been only many unknown shores. But I have managed to come back from them. Sometimes, I am thankful that our tastes in music don't match. It let me listen to all my music in peace. It didn't bring back any distracting memory. Which in this case, is a good thing. It would have taken away my credence in music.

For now, bigger ambitions and bigger dreams seem to be awaiting at the end of the tunnel. The words may still be raw. The flair will definitely come back. It just needs a while.

Listening to - The first and second episode of The Dewarists.

23 Oct 2011

Flip. Change. Faith.

Take me back a hundred steps.

Let me re-think each step before I move back.

Let me change the colours.

The blacks become red

The blues shine coppery yellow gold

The orange hues into deep crimsons

The yellows turn lime

The slivers of pink turn grey..

Let me change my outlook, one step each time

Let me take hate and turn it into fate

Let me change violence to joy

Let me colour the pain to hues of sparkling smiles

Let me brighten the haze to definitive laughter

Let me touch your life,

Let me change your soul

Let me bring colour to your shades of grey.

Let me bring love.