12 May 2014


The heart bleeds in haste farewell
The eyes darken in an unglowing sadness
Beauty that is lost, seems forever gone
The heartbeat weakens, once and for all.

8 May 2014


Amazed she turned and looked around. The first glance is always the most impacting. More lights than she had ever seen. More colours than she had ever imagined. More muted hues than she could ever hope to remember.

"Brilliant", she mused. "Why did no one ever mention how beautiful this is? Why did they leave the beauty of the whole thing out?"

Maybe those who saw didn't understand. Maybe they deciphered it wrong. Or maybe they did not decipher it at all. Or maybe they were too busy to appreciate beauty. They were busy chasing things they didn't have. Didn't need. Didn't want. All to show their prowess off. All to leave the person in front of them literally wonder-struck.

Buy she was happy looking at and appreciating the little things she had. Reds, blacks, blues, whites. The rainbows. The butterflies. The inky black starry skies. The red and orange sunsets. The blue green waters. The flowers. In every shade imaginable. With beauty in front of her, happiness became her.

She thanked her lucky stars that she was one of the chosen few. One of those who were specially selected to have restorative surgery to gain their sight back.