7 Oct 2007

Life's Lessons Learnt!!

Things I have learnt over the last one week!!!
  • Shit happens as always, deal with it! (It means, scream, sulk and throw a tantrum until your opinion is heard...!! Erm, I won't hold responsibility if you land in jail ;))
  • One two aplenty, three calls for more!! (Always return the filthy looks, with a whole lotta interest!!!)
  • Eat like you have never eaten before!! (Chicken tikka, chicken reshmi kabab, chicken tandoori, pav bhaji, chicken curry, chicken biryani and erm, cheesecake!! That was a two hour stash!! No wonder my waistline is expanding!! :P)
  • Spend only the amount of cash that you haven in your pocket! (Else savings start to dwindle!! Current saving: Rs. -34.75!!)
  • Take BEST for a spin!! (I have a global pass baby! BEST regrets everyday by giving me that!! Expenditure on BEST in 3 days: 133.5 bucks!! I'm having a blast!! ;))
  • Your parent's know the best!! (They love taking you shopping only when you NEED clothes, but what the hell; you are ripping them off anyway!!!)
  • Landing up in college on time is a crime! (Landed in college on time for my morning lecture only to find that the next 3 hours are free!!!! *SULK SULK*)
  • Smiling gets the job done!! (A flash of the pearly whites and your professor agrees with you on why he NEEDS to cancel the afternoon practicals!! )
  • The Indian cricket team has to touch a new low after a new high! (Need I say more???? T20 and then thrashings at home!! :'( )
  • Use deodorant! And lots of it!! (Try a crowded woman's compartment on a Virar fast!!!)
  • Talk...!! (Talk, bitch, snort, heave, gab, badinage.. You get the point, don't you!! :D)
  • Don't let the filthy starer get the better of you! (Show him the finger man, God gave you two of them!!!)
  • Last but not the least, compliment people. It always works!! (Reaction to a compliment given by me "Why are you complimenting me???")
Life is good!!! Need I say more???????