28 Jan 2007

¿y pensaste que me conocías?

When was the last time u looked at me and wished you could change it all?
Wished that there was an alternative to all that you could see??
Wished that you could change everything altogether?
The face, the mind, the body, the soul?
Rule the spirit that you couldn’t catch?
Wished you could take some of that cheekiness?
Wished you could mould some of that big grin?
Or just plain wished that you could do away with it all?
Just modify me to something you want me to be?
Crush the spirit?
Break the mind?
Conquer the body?
Distort the vision?
Reconstruct the soul?

I am not what you want me to be,
I can never turn out to be someone to fulfill your vision of me,
I won’t change to keep you happy,
I will be selfish for a change;
I will keep myself happy
I will smile again at people I don’t know,
I will help the heartless,
I will speak my mind;
I will trust the cold and the apathetic once again,
I will give in to temptation once in a while,
I will savor the happiness coming my way;
I will fill my world with intoxicated sanity,
I will regain my old brutal ways again;
I will give an answer back when I am insulted
I will value everyone I meet,
I will not let you stamp my self respect;
I will not let you do away with my dignity
I won’t let you have all the fun at my expense.

And the spirit will be born again,
The crushed soul will revive,
The broken mind will emerge stronger than ever,
The conquered body will self reign again;
The distorted vision will be more focused and sharper than ever.

You think you can do away with all this??
Well; you can try,
I live life by my own rules
And I want to be happy till I die.

Reminds me of these lines by Nelly Furtado from her song try.

All of the moments that already passed
We'll try to go back and make them last
All of the things we want each other to be
We never will be.

Peace. \m/

9 Jan 2007

Where will I meet my fate?
Baby I'm a man, I was born to hate
And when will I meet my end?
In a better time you could be my friend.

A bad dream-Keane .

5 Jan 2007


Have you ever gone though the stereotypical and perfect answers given by celebrities when asked simple questions?? Sounds stupid na? All the things they do to avoid rumours and gossip..!!! One would think that this is their way of encouraging it!! :P Would love to see the celebrities answer some of the questions in this manner. Just as they say: Controversy creates cash! :P :P :P

The following set of questions can be found on the Sunday edition of the Mumbai Mirror under the heading People.


Fought with someone:
Well, it was with my ma. She didn't want me to wear that teeny weeny mini skirt... again!!

Guffawed actually. With my sister over dinner last night on a bad joke about err... never mind..!!

When I broke up with my guy. I hope that counts. Else erm... I dunno.

Took a local train:
Well, I do that all the time. Guess being famous didn't erase out my passion for trains!! :P I just love the rush, the crowd, the sweat, the heat and the lack of breathing space. It gives me an adrenaline rush. Over and over again!! Hehe

Rode in a cab:
Ummm, two days ago. When my driver called in sick. Now you guys know how much I hate to drive (read: I don't know to drive!) and these long winding roads will kill me one day. God have Mercy!!!!

Took a rickshaw:
Aaahhh... the poor man's cab!!! Well, you wouldn't want me to ride in one of those would you. It is uncomfortable, the seats are not aligned properly, the driver has some song on of my rival actresses and there is no AC!!! No, I don't ride in ricks!!!!

Said 'I love you':
Those three words..!!! Well, firstly to my ma (I wanted to wear that mini skirt you know!!), then to my guy (I wanted a date for my movie premiere) and to my sister(to have her not open her mouth about me..!!!)

Said 'I hate you':
These words.. Well, I use them quite often. My driver, my maid, my watchman, my hairdresser, my make up artist, my cook.. the list is endless..!!!

Lost something precious:
Well, I don't rem'r what was the last thing I lost. I mean I can always buy back what I lose because of the exorbitant fees I charge per film, but I think the last thing precious that I lost was erm.. my CAR..!!! Yes, someone made off with my Car..!!!!!!!

Went on a date:
Well, it was with this fellow who had an awesome script!!! And errr.. don't tell anyone, but I paid the bill :)

Went to a sabzi mandi:
Well, that was like.. duh.. never.. I eat only imported broccoli and carrots. I need my Vitamins. But you surely knew that didn't you??!!!!

Read a book:
Well, I hate reading. I mean apart from scripts I don't even have time to read. I never got quite hooked to reading. I mean my friends tried. But they apparently didn't quite win!!!!

Behaved selfishly:
Well that like all the time. I love myself and am a self proclaimed narcissist!!!

Was embarrassed:
Umm.. sometimes after I end up drinking too much at all these social dos; you know too much alcohol and a lot of unintended things are said and done!! *Giggle*

Had Paani Puri:
I am a health freak. I don't indulge in all these addictive junk foods. They are unhealthy.

Had a wardrobe malfunction:
Errr... Never mind..!! *LOUDLY* Next question.

Went on a long drive:
With my guy off course. We went to marine drive at 2 in the morning :) :)

Cooked food:
Well, I am a pathetic cook.. So You get the picture.. No cooking for me. I can't even boil eggs without burning something. I am not kidding. There was this one time I set my house on fire.. Err... Never mind..... *Big embarrassed grin*

Were home alone:
Well, The last time I got stood up by my friends on a girls night out, I was home alone.

Took a long walk on Juhu beach:
Well, about a week back.. I was walking my dog. I normally don't do such things but after firing the dog walker I had no choice and .....

Shopped till I dropped:
Well well well... Now I like this question. There was this one time I was in New York and I went crazy. I brought brands like Armani, Gucci, Prada, Fendi, Juicy Couture, Moschino, Miss Sixty, D&G, Original Penguin, Mango etc. I ended up buying a lot of formal wear, sunglasses, perfumes, shoes, watches and bags. That was one of the happiest days of my life. *Really big grin :) :) :)*

Lied to someone:
My guy.. when I wanted him to come shopping with me.. Hehehe..

Wouldn't life be more interesting if our "celebs" ever though of answers like these??? Well, it sure would be fun!!!!! Cheers :)

Disclaimer: The entire questionnaire is a pure product of imagination and none of the answers used are quoted by anyone to the best of my knowledge. I hold no responsibility if it happens to be quoted and I am not responsible for the same.

1 Jan 2007

Quote Unquote:

"One needs loneliness to understand and love themselves more."

-Anindita :)