29 Oct 2008

Tresses and changes! :)

So, you all have loved and admired; envied and hated, but none of you all could have missed the tresses on my head. 


Now, I am really in a mood for something outrageous and was contemplating cutting my hair real short. I asked a couple of people and all were against the notion except for Isha..!!! :D So, I will throw it here for contention.

Do I cut my hair really short because I feel like it or do I just give it a trim and let it be...??? My hair reaches the middle of my back if you are wondering about the length and is more or less straight unless I have tied my wet hair into a bun where it ends up in nice waves!! :)

So, my dear blog mates; YOU DO HAVE THE POWER!!!!!!! ;)

PS: I still don't have time to write that long post, or visit your blogs. Do pardon me. Sowwie. 

PPS: I owe one to Nimit, the random walk that day made me very happy. Thanks sweetie. And I will always be your fan. Mwahhhh!!!!!

13 Oct 2008

Love, is it?

Shades of love are they now?
Yes, I think they are.
Very much indeed.

1 Oct 2008

Unchecked emotions.

As you stare into the broken mirror, you know what is about to become of you. The shards reflect how broken you feel. The fine mirror dust shows how easily you can be blown away when that time comes! But most of all, the cut on your hand, reflected in the broken glass, drips hope and faith and respect away from you.

Emotions go haywire, unchecked.
Pain becomes a way of life.
The truth bleeds and drains everything that made sense.
The inner musings and stochastic thoughts turn into reality.
Trust dies.
The credence you placed within yourself, that you could find the strength to smile again; falters.
The chance of seeing yourself free from guilt, fades.
The possibility of things falling into place, just remain a possibility.

Anger swells within like a stormy gale itching to unleash it's fury, and instead cuts us open; a laceration refusing to heal.
The lips that smiled have cracked open, they cannot heal.
Death and decay come to the fore.
Hazy illusions of happy times torment us.
Reality becomes an addiction that we cannot get rid of.
The sea refuses to calm you.
The gentle breeze haunts us.
Life throws taunts at you.
Mayhem ensues.

The only thing that keeps you alive, is that single smile you saw. That is all you need. That is all you crave for.

The blood on the mirror gently drips onto the floor. The tides continue.