11 Jan 2009

Men and their ways

"Chivalry is only second to self respect."

Thus quoted my friend.

I wish more men remembered and used chivalry freely.. Open doors, pull out seats, let the "fairer" sex walk ahead, and NOT ask us to slide in a cab!!! :P

We women like it, just that we are too proud to say that these little things matter. We love the feeling that follows the chivalric behavior. We feel like the most precious thing in the world, the most loved, a princess in our own small worlds...

Don't you want the women in your life to feel goodie good and amazing? That includes the sisters, friends and mommies. Not only the wife and girlfriend/s!! :D

Ofcourse, you want them to feel on top of the world. And that happiness will fill you up inside.. :)


Practise chivalry guys.. It pays. Always. :)

PS: For all you women:

Yeah those guys wanna come treat ya right
Cause you're sweeter than apple pie
Everything that you want you got
Girl you know that you need to stop
Most beautiful thing in sight
Always takin' on the spotlight

-What you got by Colby O Donis feat. Akon.

We love it completely!