13 Mar 2015

Index - The Story of my Life

  • 1992: Me to my teacher: “I’m shifting to USA” – Dreaming big at the age of 5
  • 1994: “She is so little” – Hello, baby sister! 
  • Struggling with English: My 3rd grade nightmare
  • 1996: Library Membership – The gift that changed my life
  • “The captain was unstoppable” – Leading from the front 
  • “You are a Grammar Nazi” – The first accusation of many more to come
  • 2005: The start of my bittersweet relationship with Engineering
  • To blog or not to blog: Wily Banter – The first blog
  • 2006: How Not to Invest – Going from well-off to broke, overnight
  • Conquering Public Speaking Fear: 3rd in Technical Paper Presentation
  • 2008: ‘Second Big Opportunity to Lead: Elected Class Representative
  • Winning a Bet: Award Sweepstake – Class Topper and Best Student Awardee
  • 2009: First Job – A Switch from Engineering to Digital Marketing
  • 2010: First Professional Win: Client email to COO – “She is an asset you can’t afford to lose”
  • 2011: Unexpected Promotion – Newbie to Project Manager in 19 months
  • Travel Diaries: Malaysia – The first of many more beautiful places to visit
  • Love for Processes Strikes Gold: COO mandates a knowledge sharing process initiated by a colleague and me
  • Painting like Picasso – Or at least trying to
  • I Love The Client, The Client Loves Me: Growing a portfolio from 2 to 22 campaigns
  • 2012: Part Time Cook – Blogging for the love of food
  • Still a sucker for competition: Runner-up at a company-wide branding & publication challenge
  • #LikeABoss: Handling 72 campaigns, leading a 13 member team and only 24 hours in a day
  • 2013: “Is this a number or an Excel related query? Let’s ask Anindita!” – Analytics Spearhead at Flarepath
  • Amazing Andaman: Our first family trip since the investment disaster
  • 2014: Losing your best friend at 27 – Nothing can change perspective like death can
  • 2015: Travel to USA – Will an MBA fulfill a 23-year-old dream?
  • Coldplay & Old Trafford – Paying homage to life’s earliest obsessions
  • 2024: Designation – CEO, Entrepreneur & Traveler
If I had to script it, this is how I would. Wrote this for Johnson. And no, the elusive dream of travelling to USA is still in the making.

"Maybe, it is not the time yet. We will know when the time is right."

But, as always. Come back stronger and set it right. That is the only way I know this will work. The rest as they say, is history.