29 Dec 2014


Sometimes, I forget how important you are to me. These lines aptly summarize who you are to me.

'You are not my star. You are my whole goddamn sky.'


This year I will be more positive about myself. There is too much we take for granted.


If nothing else works, take a nap. And then come back at it and give it your best  shot.


She was his luminary, he was her craze.
The barbed satin beauty and her fiery gaze.

25 Jun 2014


Each little memory, each with a share
Every little corner, staged another dare

Every breath jagged, each beat cold
Brittle and tarnished, remained her hold

He walked away, torn and lost
Her, he left behind at a great cost

Each day difficult, each breath a sin
Hope seemed lost, and chance seemed slim

Every step meek, every minute told
Time was running out, as the seconds did unfold

He kept thinking, he kept up his lies
Her he couldn't give up, not till the day he died

Families ripped two souls apart, afar
Memories gripped, like the solace of a shooting star

He kept his promise, he knew he was being bold
But he sought out those moments, his warmth in the cold

She was his princess, he was her czar
She, the only diamond, the sky's greatest star

He kept her warm, and held her tight
They talked under the stars that night

She was his luminary, he was her craze
Each a diamond, in the other's life's maze 

22 Jun 2014

Random - Part Infinite

All things beautiful and all things bold,
All those tales which remain untold,
Walk into this heart, frail and cold
Show me love and the heart is sold.

12 May 2014


The heart bleeds in haste farewell
The eyes darken in an unglowing sadness
Beauty that is lost, seems forever gone
The heartbeat weakens, once and for all.

8 May 2014


Amazed she turned and looked around. The first glance is always the most impacting. More lights than she had ever seen. More colours than she had ever imagined. More muted hues than she could ever hope to remember.

"Brilliant", she mused. "Why did no one ever mention how beautiful this is? Why did they leave the beauty of the whole thing out?"

Maybe those who saw didn't understand. Maybe they deciphered it wrong. Or maybe they did not decipher it at all. Or maybe they were too busy to appreciate beauty. They were busy chasing things they didn't have. Didn't need. Didn't want. All to show their prowess off. All to leave the person in front of them literally wonder-struck.

Buy she was happy looking at and appreciating the little things she had. Reds, blacks, blues, whites. The rainbows. The butterflies. The inky black starry skies. The red and orange sunsets. The blue green waters. The flowers. In every shade imaginable. With beauty in front of her, happiness became her.

She thanked her lucky stars that she was one of the chosen few. One of those who were specially selected to have restorative surgery to gain their sight back.

29 Apr 2014


Sleep called from behind those smoke drowned drooping eyes.
The heavy lidded, demure gaze.
Deep breaths raked her frail shoulders.
The house darkened itself into an unending maze.

Silent thunders broke through the window pane,
The brief lightning followed,
Each time the clock struck a new melodious game
A cat meowed outside in the shadows

A creaking footboard in an otherwise empty house,
A dimly lit candle to chase the dark
A whispering caress calling out from the mirror
The weird call of despair made by the lone lark

The mirror reflected unseen and disembodied people
The world turned a shade of gray
The cross outside the window lost and forgotten
By the last child who stepped in the house to play.

25 Apr 2014


Seduce me, she said. And I like it with the lights turned off.

She was not ready to share her battle scars. Not yet.

21 Apr 2014


The change. Windy, and sometimes unpredictable. Capricious. Silent at times but always beautiful.

Change. The eternal constant in life. Vivid colours. Colors of joy but also sadness. Colours indicating the hardship that is yet to come. The testing times. The coldness. Winter is coming. Autumn.

Vivacious and yet, morose. Twinkling yet calm.


She stood at the window, looking at the world, with all her charm. 

12 Apr 2014

You and I.

Every & each time I breathe,
And each sound you make,
We'll work through these promises,
And we'll work hard to keep them safe..

Each twirling around of her hair,
Each ragged step on the stair,
Fighting those demons and,
Hoping that is what life is..

Each day a fighting means,
To stay alive and to be seen,
Each day a circumstance
To wash away those sins..

For each heart wrenching scream,
And all those nightmarish dreams,
Fighting those demons and,
Hoping that is what life is..

Waking up to reality
And understanding life as a means
Accepting that maybe today, the
Haze can't take the pain away

Channeling all the anguish in,
And imploding on the scene,
Fighting those demons and,
Hoping that is what life is..

27 Jan 2014

Fork in the road.

He moved with her flow
And swayed to her tunes
Each in their own trance
Lost to the moon

She was his pied piper
He was her beast
They commanded each other
Yet, independent each seemed

He was haunted by her sway
Her moves, her ways
She was captive in his gaze
His beauty, his craze

He wanted her all for him
She wanted the same
The Gods planned otherwise
They didn't share a name

They took different forks
On a two forked way
Each saying a silent goodbye
They left in haste

A year later their roads crossed
Her smile and his grin
Though both were happy
T'was something that each lacked

Both of them missed each other
Both of them incomplete
They were destined to be together
The Gods also agreed

They walked the next fork together
Walking hand in hand
Their faces alight with happiness
Whilst leaving footprints in the sand.