19 Sep 2008

Mundane, such is my life! :D

Ankur complained in my last post that I don't blog much about my personal life as much as I blog about widely philosophical and abstract things. So this post is to make his day. :)

Lets see now. Where do I start????

Well, for one, I fell at the station again the other day. Apart from the bodily injuries, my pride was hurt. This is my second fall at Vashi station in just as many months. I was abashed, checked if anything was broken and quickly made my exit. No need to sit around and give people another reason to laugh at me. :D Not that they need any reason, but never the less!!

The next day, I ended up going to college in this half dead state because I had some of my friend's stuff and we had a submission going on. A bus journey after a not so subtle fall is dangerous, especially to the posterior which is already inflamed! Sigh. The treacherous bus ride being over, I was in college. Still in one piece. Thankfully!! My friend's submission was done in a jiffy but I still had stuff to complete. After I do all that, my professor took a look at me and told me to go home. Apparently my discomfort and pain was obvious. :| Thank god for small mercies....!!!!! :D

My normal state in college: bewildered and bored. Sometimes in a state of half mad wittiness which leads me to enact various things I see. Including eunuchs. (No offense.)
"Ae chikne, kya dekh raha hai?"
"Ae item, shaanpat, kya dekh raha hai??!"
"Ae Raju!"
"Abe apne aap ko hero samajhta hai, aine mein dekh chehra, bandar hai."

These are some of the days when I am in a mood to harass and irritate my classmates. These are the days when I cannot and will not be restrained!! :D What can I say? It is fun to be me! ;) Of course, it may cause half the guys in your college to forget you are a girl at the end of the day. I hold no responsibilities if such a thing happens with you!!! :D

Apart from that, I spend too much time on my phone; not talking, but listening to music. Too much music. I don't need my phone but I always need my music. :) I live for it and I swear by it! :D

Also, I am thankful to Joel. His phone saved my life in the 25 odd days that the Sony Ericsson guys harassed me to give me my phone back. Also, I am so glad you had come. It was an awesome 33 days and I still miss you loads. :(

These are pictures from the card I made for him, as a going away gift. If something doesn't make sense here, it is because the card was for Joel! :D :D :D

The Envelope

The first page
(And in my opinion the most shoddy one!)

Page 2

This page took a lot of time, because alphabets are hard to find!! :D

This is according to me, my favourite page!! :D It ultimately had all the letters in it!

The last two pages, meant for Joel's understanding only!!!! =P

Well, yes, now that you all know what all I do other can contemplate the abstract and the weird, I am off, I have an entire kitchen to ransack! See ya!!!

9 Sep 2008

The Coin: Happiness and its Progress.

It is 3:35 am. Life is moving, gentle paced and teasing. Like the bus you run after knowing you can get in and a millisecond before you do, the driver floors it. Like the last ray of the sun which you are determined to catch; before you wilt and die. Like the beauty of a dew drop; which won't survive the day. Like the melodious sound of a baby's laughter, before it grows up. Like that last sip of alcohol; which keeps your emotions in check. Life moves on. It is just us who have to choose to move on with it, or to wait and watch as it slips by.

  • Amazing friends
  • Caring boyfriend
  • Understanding parents
  • Picture perfect life
  • Oodles of smiles
  • Plethora of happiness
  • Perfect family
  • Nirvana
  • Friends turn the blind eye
  • Boyfriend shows the other side
  • Parents still understand
  • Patience is tested
  • Sister metes out the silent treatment
  • Bruises and cuts
  • Blood
  • Utopia

Even in death, there is peace, there is a shrouded covering of non-feign-able calm and peace. The aura and the beauty combined with the charm of silence, life goes on. Life never stops. Just our life does. Does it even matter that we live for others? Does it even matter that we care? I spent an entire vacation trying to figure out how to work things right with you, the moment I turned; you weren't there. I missed you. Yes, we have had issues. Lets do this right. Lets sort this out. Maybe, I will walk on the beach with you. Maybe; hand in hand.

PS: My letter to happiness. Unadulterated joy. I miss you. A lot. I wish you were here.

PPS: I am fine. And this is fiction. At least some of it. The friends, the family and the boyfriend are all doing well!! :)