29 Jun 2007

Wrote this for someone who was very low and needed some cheering up.. :)

As we live without a glimmer of hope
No things to make us feel good
Rem'r me by as the one
Rem'r me as the one who stood

Stood with you as you felt low
Felt like the world had melted away
Felt like a single smile would never do
Felt as sad as the crying jay

I will take ur hand again
And give u a reassuring smile
Entangle ur fingers with a ray of hope
Speak a silent prayer to make things fine

Will give u a hug that u so dearly need
And a small flower to chase away ur gloom
A gentle kiss upon ur forehead
And feel ur happiness bloom.

BTW.. I am rocking to American baby by Dave Matthews Band.

22 Jun 2007

Head banging to: Blurry by Puddle of Mudd!!!

It is 6 am. I feel rejuvenated, I feel fresh and I feel good!!! No people, I haven't gotten my night's sleep and neither am I high, drunk, doped, et al and blah that I can't think of anyways!!!

I had an amazingly good day yesterday.. Went to Phoenix Mills with Isha. She had to collect her phone back from the Nokia center. That meant an entire day of fun and if I may so brashly be blunt, free food!!

*Little temptations that I can't resist!!!*

After reaching there, the first thing that the two of us did was pig out!! McD's!! Free food.. Almost got more than we paid for.. If only Isha had arrived a moment too late.. *Sigh* The atrocities in life!! After that we went to Lifestyle, the typical chindi shoppers looking and trying but not buying!!!! We went and saw these amazingly beautiful African center pieces.. Gosh.. They were truly beautiful.. And after that direct attack on Pantaloons!!!


Armed with about 5 garments each, we both headed towards the trial rooms.. Tops, blouses, wraparounds, A line skirts, really really itty bitty skirts, and something shiny.. They must have abused us...!!! Ooohh.. Before we left from the store, my ebil; very ebil mind decided to do atleast a single act of ebil..!!

They have this computerised feedback form which can be filled there.. Didn't guess it yet??? ;)
Well; I put on my most innocent face and with the devil's mind; filled up the most ugly reviews ever and filled in my.. ahem AHEM.. BEST FRIEND'S name and her contact number... (Umm.. the BEST Friend is pun intended, as always!!)

Yaz, yaz.. I'm ebil..!!!

After that the two of us were joined by Mihir Pathare.. (Yaz yaz, the guy with blue hair, grow up already!!) After making everyone in Barista conscious with our roaring laughs, outrageous and childish antics and not to mention the occasional 'whee'ing of Mihir's styrofoam gun pellets and the "emittance" of Blueberry Brain Freezer, a very badly taken pun about my Puss in Boots ahem.. Pussy!!! ;) (There was no pun intended.. Isha and Mihir are plain EBIL!!)

We went to the courtyard where Mihir amused some of the gawking kids with a very very noisy "helicopter" which went into the air with a LOUD W-H-E-E-E-E-E-E-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Or was it more like P-E-E-E-E-E-E-E-E???


Who cares??? ;) We had F-U-N!!!

We left from there near about 5:45 pm and were back to homeland about 7:13!! And what do the two lazyasses with too much free time on our hands do?? Head straight for the mall!!! No, actually our friends had gathered there and we spent another 2 hours roaring with laughter.. As we parted, with Isha and I running miserably late; I rem'r to buy about a hundred different things that I have been instructed to!! Yaz the rick fellow did abuse me..!! ;) He didn't crib when he got about 5 bucks more than his usual fare though!! Waste!!

After that, 2 minutes away from home.. I meet Aditya Mundra.. The resident class joker from school.. I spent over an hour talking to him..*Erm, beg your pardon; it was I who did most of the talking!!* The two of us left after we both got calls reminding us that bed could very well be on the Verandah for the next 2 months!! ;)

Came home, ma grumpy, but didn't say anything.. :) Which means that things are fine!!


And then, the marathon phone call..

Hold your breath people!!!!

00.00 hrs to 5:53 hrs!!


It helped. It helped a lot! I have a personal life that is alive and running once again!! And I am proud to say; it changed things between us!! Forever.. For the better!!

I LIKE!!!!


Anyways, I'm off to sleep now.. Just realised I might have a lunch invite.. Which means another 5 hrs to hogdom.. hehehehe...