19 Mar 2007

Listening to Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol.

Silent conversations...

As I stood there watching the tide come in, I felt the breeze ruffle my neatly combed hair into a perfect mess.. The soft rays of the the setting sun played with my face inviting me to go touch it.. The soft crashing of the waves left me awestruck and tempted as always.. I was so tempted to touch the water inspite of my better judgement.. *Sigh* I am a total water bug..

The sun just sank lower and lower leaving the horizon a brilliant combination of all hues possible.. The pinks, the blues, the oranges, the peaches, the crimsons, the golds.. *Sigh* The horizon.. I have always been so fascinated by the horizon.. I always wanted to take that step ahead and go touch the horizon.. But as my teacher explained to us in fourth grade, you cannot touch the horizon, for every step that you take ahead, the horizon takes a step back.. True, so true.. The pinks and the golds were fast disappearing giving way to the darker colours.. It seemed more like it was a game.. and now it was the turn of the darker hues to take over..

The beauty that the darkness offers is not something that many people can or will appreciate.. It is a shame that people can be so ignorant at the beauty staring them in the face.. As the darkness settled in, I felt a little puppy wandering about.. Obviously separated from its mother it seemed ignorant of the fact that it was alone.. It came near me, sniffing me because I most probably gave him something new to discover.. The little thing was hardly a month old.. It was so adorable.. Seven sniffs and a pat on its soft head and off it went, tottering off to another mission..

The darkness had taken over, the breeze was still soft on my face, comforting even.. A caress.. A gentle touch if you would.. I could see shimmering lights in the far distance.. As the darkness grew more, the lights shimmered more sharply, more beautiful and more awe striking.. They invited me to go join them.. They wanted me to dance to their brilliant shimmer.. And to give competition to these lights were the stars.. It was a clear cloudless night.. The moon away on a vacation as we were told when we were kids.. It was a very clear moonless, bright and enchanting night.. Each star shone distinctly.. Each star whispered out a message.. Each one told me to try and touch them.. The only thing that disturbed the beauty of the stars was a lone aeroplane going off to some far away land.. Ever since I was a kid, I always wished upon aeroplanes.. I made another wish.. As always...

This is when I realised that I had had the most beautiful conversation in ages.. I spoke to all the elements that make life more beautiful and worth living.. It was one of my best conversations.. Ever!!

16 Mar 2007

The little things in life..!!

Listening to: Fergilicious by Fergie (Listen to those lyrics..!!! What was she thinking..?? I'm easy, I'm sleazy!! Hehe!!)


The depressed spell has taken an about turn...

It has traveled the length of the seven seas and is hopefully not going to come back for a long, long time...

I have discovered that somehow when you hang around with people who drink, you kind of know about the names of all the bars about the place..



Also, I have found out when the person you dislike doesn't get tea you get sadistic pleasure in giving an evil smile and thinking to yourself that she doesn't deserve to have tea in the morning!!!

Also realised, you can bitch about that person for hours and hours and it still is not enough!!!

I have found out, that when a guy likes you and then ultimately settles down to being good friends, you can ask him for chocolate all the time!! He won't say no!! (Not that I do, I just happen to know!!!)

I have found out that the guy you go out with is normally the one who will make a hundred million faces when it comes to paying but will not let you pay!! (I guess that makes it more fun!)

I have discovered that in my college Maggi noodles is a life saver! (Magic noodles sound funky too!! A cheap imitation of Maggi noodles found somewhere!!!!)

I have so heard that the Lehar chips duplicate happens to be Poulami chips!! (Interesting!!)

BTW, Cigarette prices going up have become a major concern for all the smokers in my college..!! (Finally hail Chidambaram...!!)

Ummm, I have lots of crows in my college willing to give you ashirwad any time of the day!!!

If you can turn on the charm, you get free sachets from the stalls..!!! (Girl power, yeah!! GO ME!!)

Bandstand should be avoided if you dislike PDA's and men with no toilet sense!!!! (Ewwwww!!!)

Bandra is a good place to hunt up for Lexus's, BMW's, Audi's et al et al!!

Last but not the least...

My group has split since college began, I don't have hard feelings for the people who have hurt me and taken me for granted.. At the end of the day, we are still friends.. :)

2 Mar 2007

Listening to: Dust in the wind by LP.

The wilder side of life…!!!

Hmmm.. life is beautiful.. More beautiful than any song can describe it.. But what happens when you want to explore the darker, the deeper and the wilder side of life?? All hell breaks loose... Trust me upon that...

Well, keeping the names anonymous because I got requests for them.. I shall name my friends as A, M, S, H. (Sounds crappy, but then I don’t want broken bones and I have discovered M can hit and that M can hurt!!!!) Well, A has been having an empty house for the last couple of days. Her parents have gone out of town for like 10 days.. Coolness.. So she decided to do the one thing that she wanted to do for ages...


Well, so this chick had got some booze stocked from before. (No she ain’t your regular bevdi, she meant to gift it to someone else for her birthday!) Well, so we had two 60ml bottles of flavoured Vodka and we were contemplating what else to get. So the other day when we were out with Mr. J she politely inquired and promptly stocked up on two quarter bottles of rum and more Vodka!!!

So on Saturday, all prepared to party unto the end of the world, and trust me.. we did..!!! I was the first to reach A’s place and we were soon joined by M and S!! After a while, A and S went to buy chips and soft drink. (Read: booze for me!!) In the mean time,I ordered pizza, the biggest that Dominoes could offer. (I don’t really like Dominoes, but then again;I didn’t have a choice!!) My pizza which the counter woman told me would take 45 mins to arrive; arrived before the chips and colas!! :D :D (They most prolly manufactured it, but then; I couldn’t care less!!)

Ten minutes of hunting for the appropriate glasses, plates, bowls etc the booze party had officially started. But before I go into details of that I shall tell you guys why I don’t drink.

1. I have this friend of mine who means a lot to me who has specifically mentioned that I am not to booze else, he will be the first one to whack back my senses into me.I ain’t scared of him, but what he said made a lot of sense so I stayed off the booze!!

2 . I had a major, major battle with my conscience and my conscience won. I don’t lie at my place. And the fact that a sleepover and booze party have no similarities made me stay off the booze. Most probably the day I booze I will tell my folks that I am off to booze but then again, I can’t ascertain that now!!

Never mind. Getting back to the story..

A and M went straight for the rum.. A little mixing with the coke and it all disappeared down

in one gulp!!(No comments) I was on the phone so I have no clue who had what, but I know that the alcohol disappeared pretty fast..M was complaining that she wasn’t getting high..So she drank rum neat!!! And A had the brains to remove the biggest glasses in the house. Wrong idea. Especially when M was drinking half glasses of neat....!!! Still complaining that she wasn’t getting high, suddenly she leaps about yelling, “I am so happy!!” WTF WTF WTF!!! In the meanwhile A and H were doing this seductive dance to the tune of Buttons by PCD. A was high and while using the chair as a prop, instead of gently sliding down the chair, she managed to fall of the chair, not once, not twice but all of three times!! (And now she complains that her neck hurts!! *Rolls eyes*)

As she fell off the chair for the fourth time, she started laughing hysterically.. She just rolled herself into a ball and she laughed, and laughed, and laughed.. She was happy, or dunno why, she just laughed!! In the meantime, an exceptionally high M came upto her and asked her to stop laughing.. But A was too high to stop laughing and she rolled about on the floor laughing.. This pissed off M and she hit and scratched A.. We had to drag her away from A for the fear that she would manage to hurt her, bad..

After that A more or less kept to herself.. Once the laughter has passed off for a stupid smile on her face, she went to the bed and lied down. Good girl A..!! I so wish that M did the same thing as well!! But M had other plans. The booze went onto her pretty fast.. She got hysterical and I had a blast.. Never heard so many contradictory sentences in one hour!! :D

I heard stuff like, “I am not high” (Yeah, I believe you); “You think I am drunk but I am not” (*rolls eyes*); “I can see two of everything but it is because I am not wearing my glasses” (:D :D :D no comments!!). Also, I have heard stuff like, “I can’t control myself, but don’t worry; Anindita is controlling me” (Umm... okie, if you insist); “Can I kiss you?”(Excuse me??!!??!!); “I want to make out with you, will you come with me to the bedroom”(Hell, NO woman; I won’t!!!!!!). M has also publicly declared her hatred for S!! She has told S to “Get lost”, “I hate you” and at some point of time she got real bugged with S and was heard telling her boyfriend, “I really like A but she’s sleeping with S whom I don’t like. I hate her.” (For all you perverts, they were not sleeping together as your perverted mind let you to believe!!!)

Well, more about M later, (I know you’re dying to hear more but wait, patience pays!!!) we move onto A!! Well, A here basically sought S’s company for most of the evening. I found

A (quite high) sleeping peacefully with her arms around S’s waist!! I do believe she smiled and laughed more, but then; M kind of kept me real preoccupied!! In the meantime, S was still drinking, not much; but she was kind of upset that she wasn’t doing something hysterical!! (Upset?? That was the best part about the entire evening!!) I had enough on my hands with a larger than life M!! And H was not high. She didn’t get high at all.. One hell of a capacity that girl has got.. She finished most of the rum and the vodka.. to such an extent that she drank almost half glasses of neat!!! (Oh Maan, WTF!!!) And she was still not high!! :D

In the meantime M kept me on my toes.. She was so high that she couldn’t stand. She kept falling here and she kept falling there!! Ummm, her explanation was so funny... She bent to her left and said that if she fell that way, she still had some control. Then she bent on the right and said that if she fell to the right she had some control. Then she bent forward in an attempt to tell me that she had no control when she fell forwards, but she never quite managed that ‘cause she actually fell. I really felt bad for her boyfriend, the poor fellow didn’t realize that she was high and had to bear the brunt of her actions!!! Btw, M also managed to kiss herself in than mirror more than once while trying to see herself in the mirror. :D :D She would fall flat into the mirror!!! Erm, she kissed my hand about thrice and S’s hands as well!! But I think that is still acceptable in society, so who cares!! :D

M also hurt herself while she fell . She hurt her foot. She was heard telling, “My foot na, I don’t know why, but it hurts, I mean it is dirty but it also hurts!!!” Hehe.. No connection, none at all!! Also, she went into these fits of umm.. happiness, regret, apathy, worry, jealousy.. Umm I don’t know. Never mind. Getting back to the point, she went into these fits where she would start yelling on the top of her voice. I finally had to tell her that yelling would cause the police to come by!! That would keep her voice down for quite sometime.. And then again, the warning had to be repeated!!!! She also has told me that she is fat and is unhappy with her body!!! And ya, at one point of time, she also wanted to strip!!! Ummm.. don’t worry.. we didn’t let her.. For all you guys.. sorry... no descriptions!! :P

In her case of “A rush of blood to the head ” (make that a lot of blood) she almost broke a set of speakers, managed to almost break A’s glass table. She pushed at the thing so hard that the glass top came off. Luckily for her, S and me were there and no damage was done to that..!!! PHEW!!! But her cell phone was not so lucky, after managing to bang it into almost every surface on the house; her phone had an additional number of scratches and patches of colour loss...!!! The flush didn’t survive. AT some point of time, she had to use the loo and while she was falling, she grabbed onto the flush and erm, broke it.. It came off straight from the wall!!!! OUCH!! Mega ouch!!!!

The worse was this female wouldn’t sit, let alone lie down somewhere.. At some point of time, I lost my patience with her..After that H and S took over, but S had to soon go away, because M didn’t really like S after she got high!!! She was heard screaming, “I hate my f@&*ing college” after which H managed to calm her down and then she felt real uneasy.. That meant a hurried trip to the loo, a little bit of role reversal with the stomach, a pile of vomit and a much better feeling M. After puking, she felt better, she got into a very chatty mood and H had the patience to hear her out!! J Relief for me!!!

In the meantime, S who was still sipping into her glass got a li’l high. She started talking about this guy from college who she liked and confessed her love for him. She also mentioned the fact that he was going out with someone else. She was almost ready to cry, but I kinda told her to lie down on the sofa so that she would feel better and she dozed off there. That left just me and H awake. All the other three were dozing off in various places!!! H wanted to bug people in Orkut and in the midst of it, A walked in with a major major headache!! (Read: Hangover!!) While H was still doing TP sending nonsensical scraps to half the public, I rem’r dozing off on the French window, getting bitten by mosquitoes and getting up and dozing off on A’s parents bed!!

Waking up in the morning was the best thing, ‘cause that we could blackmail M!! For all that I took, it was fine!! We had a major fun session in the morning, while M cleaned the loo, we kept telling her in bits and pieces what she did, as expected she didn’t rem’r half of it and denied the other half!! WE had a simple breakfast of omelets and Fanta, followed up with chocolates and one by one we all called it a night..!! (Day rather!!)

The only thing that I can’t confirm was the rumors that two of them made out!! I know, I know!! Gross!!! But that is something I can’t confirm and something that I am not gonna confirm... I know I have put in a hurried end. Incase I remember more things, I will put in a Ps post!! Take Care people,and no; we are not letting M drink for a really really long time!!!! :D :D :D