10 May 2011

Reminiscing with Lists

It has been a while since I last wrote. Not the intermittent poems. Or the couple of liners. Like really wrote. I lost my fans, my readers and my link to blogosphere!

Yeah, the corporate world took over. Ah! It is an easy excuse as well. I took a hiatus, a sabbatical and I spent a lot of time understanding so many things. A couple of them listed below - (in no specific order, mind you)

Ex's push you off your special tangent. Off your own radar. And sonar. Doesn't matter. It takes just time though to come back on your special tangent. And strength.

Self respect and faith should never waver. Be rock steady for yourself.

The most memorable conversations happen with your mother. At 6 am. When she has had a night of broken sleep. And you have watched all possible teen flicks and tv shows. And she makes you the warm cuppa of tea. Jasmine, mind you.

A pair of heels (2 inches suffice, you don't need them stilts or worse, a broken ankle) skyrockets your confidence! Trust me, I am tall and I definitely don't need them! ;)

Studying and remembering old concepts give you a new high.

For bloggers and general 'English Geeks' learning a new word, or coming across a term for something you have always known, is a mega high. Watch us strut our stuff! Griffonage anyone?

Friends comes in different faces and in unusual places. Don't judge people before you know them!

Don't smoke. Nope, the stress just doesn't go away. But your girl might! :D

Alcohol is good. Cracking your test, even better. ;) (Trust me, I know!)

Reading a good book, will always make you smile.

The average sleep required by a person, is ALWAYS five minutes more.

:D :P ;)

It is time to catch on the Zzzzzzzz's now! Later folks.