18 Jan 2008

Uncomprehendable stashes of randomly weird thoughts.

Compromise. Understanding. Being there. Taking one for granted. Love. Pain. Misery. Bitterness. Happiness. Anger. Envy. Jealousy. Friendship. Commitment. Loss. Hope. Touch. Visions. Separation. Laughter.

Why are we taken for granted? Why do we deserve more than we get? Why does everyone else promise to give us what we deserve? Why do most of them not live up to that promise? Why do they not understand? Why does hell always seem to be by our side? Why does everything happen at once? Why can't we control situations? Why are promises broken? Why is trust lost? Why are little things so disturbing? Why can't we block the disturbing things? Why is change so painful? Why do things change? Why can't we choose for a change? Why do we have to accept what comes our way? Why can't we formulate our own formula for happiness? Why are happiness and pain a part of the vicious circle? Why can't happiness occupy a greater part in that circle? Why does everything come at a cost? Why isn't life simple? Why are we expected to learn from our mistakes? Why can't we already have the learnings imbibed and hence not be prone to mistakes? Why do all good things come to an end???

9 Jan 2008

nine parts of Desire!! :D

More like nine parts of Disaster...!!!!!

I didn't bring the new year on a good note...

I wasn't well.. Cold, cough, fever, body ache and eye infection.

DAMAGE: I didn't give the Maths 5 paper today. More like, one KT free with the new year.. *sigh*
Depressing isn't it?? I mean I studied for it and then mid way through realised that it is just not gonna happen.. A big blow to my much anticipated KT free year.. *Sighs louder* yes, i have been depressed about this for the last couple of days.

New year came and went, all it left behind, etched behind a wall of tears was the loss of hope.

DAMAGE: Joel left today for UK. i won't see him for another 11 months odd. It pinches coz he was here for like 5 weeks and i hardly met him for 5 days. Ok, it isn't entirely my fault. He came one day before my exams started and left one day before they got over. The 12 day mini vacation i got in between was my best hope to catch up with him, but sadly; that didn't happen. He went to Kerala for 2 weeks.. AArrrggghhhhh!!!! Upon returning, he went to spend New Years at Goa. I can't crib much, because i came up with the plan for New Years at Goa. Sadly due to Mumbai university, I couldn't go. It is okie. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I shall have a better vacation, somewhere, i hope.. I miss him... :'(

He did give me a reindeer though!! *big wide grin* It has this permanent "OMG, WTF did u do?" expression!! :D :D :D
Now, everytime i miss him, I go give the reindeer a hug!! :D :D :D

Apart from that, I have started reading again, a lot of reading.. i'm trying to keep myself sane. There is a lot I can't put in here, because it is a public blog. I know you are reading, just drop in a prayer or two for me. To keep me sane. And happy.

I did realise one more thing,

Happiness comes with a price. It is not free. Shine on you crazy diamond. I still care. :)

2 Jan 2008


The sizzling hottie...!!! ISHA MANTRY... :)

The aimless walks, the long conversations, the gentle and comforting hugs, the McD's, the misunderstandings, the tears, the bhel puri obsessions, the park, the shopping trips, Bandra, long typing for overdue projects, bitching, reminiscing school, cursing the traffic, having coffee, birthdays, birthday gifts, health concerns, planning for GOA, crying for not being able to make it there, finding ways to save cash, the Moon, sector 8, Mercs, rock music, aimless chatting, all the drama queen performances, books, music, Orkut, Facebook, more bitching, hope, comfort, NIFT, JD, crossing roads, being there, big smiles, laughter, eunuchs, more laughter, pun, boys, babies, Joel, chocolates, being broke, love, heartache, ol' friends, hugs, kisses, more shopping, gossip, hair cuts, funky clothes, trashy garments, the GaNG from college, puppies, dogs, thievery, pain, care, affection, quick lies, good food, treats, missing each other, BMW, a couple of AUDIs, being free, guitars, music, RAKHI SAWANT, jhalak, siblings, family, phone, <3<3<3 .....

You have always been there for me... I will stick by you.. whether you want me to or not!! :D

The boyfraand...!! MIHIR ROY :) :)

Endless talks, hugs, care,chicken, food, crappy chinese at Stomach, Good chinese at China Gate, bandstand, hugs, encouragement, assignments, Aveer, babies, chocolates, roses, classes, bunking classes, smiles, jokes, 'ya' jokes, Shloka, memorable times, bus rides, holding hands, 300, ice cream, letters, questions, answers, exes, walks, auto rides, vodka,more chicken, Goa, precision planning, Barbecue Nation, Candies, postcards, Marine Drive, PROMISES, laughter, bitching, phone conversations, chor, Luckys, caramel custard, cutiepie, throw in some more chicken, pun, hogging, being broke, lottery gains, arguments, patching up,HOPE, dependence, love, jai jawan, tava, bread talk, good food, Fashion House, understanding, being there, mistakes, apologies, forgiving mistakes, feeling good, mush, rosary, ManU clock, being away, phone, being complete, pain, tommy, cooks, one more rose... <3<3<3....it can't end...

We have been through a lot.. these tides will also pass... <3<3<3....

The super cute firang NRI!! aka JOEL ALENCHERY

chats, weird online timings, Geek, big smiles, gelled hair, pun, 14 and a 3/4th of an inch, "net friend", good food, car rides, McD's, chocolates *rolls eyes*, hours of international calls, all the hugs, typos, cars, gadgets, big bed, housemates, chicken, fraandship, ORKUT, music, IPOD TOUCH, Mochas, chocolate avalanche, laptops, the movie CARS, JD aka JOEL DARLING, mommy, more hugs, deadlines, Engineering, long distances, GOA, miss yous, laughter, foreign accents, beggars, "don't F***ing touch me", chocolate milkshake, money, dreams, Pounds, introvert, promised TREATS, yakking, listening to the yakking, candle light dessert at McD's, football, books, friends, good friends, really good friends, :) smileys, beer and ice cream, Orchids, Google, being there, tears, secrets, walks, crabs, CBD, chor, waste, kise log, kya bakwas, one horribly wrong day at the IIT, hot girls :P, gtalk, yahoo, forwards.... <3<3...
Keep smiling.... you'll get yourself a girlfraand one of these days!! :D And yes, i'll take my treat from you then!!! :D :D :D