25 Mar 2010


The sun drowned itself under an azure sky,
The warm sands were mottled under the setting sun...
She walked, her feet barely grazing the ground..
A tear fell on the sand, unholy and still warm..

She thought a million thoughts..
She whispered silent prayers into the night
She shivered as the wind caressed her face
The broken shards of her soul, scars from a bitter fight..

The ghastly silence beckoned to her
It calmed her agitated soul
The unbroken night reached out to her
The darkness stilled her, and made her whole...

The stillness of the waves called to her
The beach extended its rein..
She stood up quietly, and walked towards the sea
She would never come back again....

23 Mar 2010

..Glistening Dust..

The eyes bled waiting for you to come back,
The heart sang songs of it's misery past,
You walked your one way street without looking back
Your stubbornness in metal, cast..

You weren't there to help me cope,
As hope and care seeped through my soul,
Only the wind heard my desperate pleas
And the rain saw the gnawing and empty hole,

I slowly patched myself up;
Promising never again to give you a damn,
And you suddenly wanted you way back in,
You cold, obstinate and irrational man...

You smiled like you had never been broken,
You touched like nothing had changed,
You sought out lost promises made by me;
Yet you stayed aloof and acted strange..

People come and then people go,
Starry dreams they all show,
You killed my happiness and took all my joy,
And life, went on, she still flows...