25 Jun 2008

How much is too much?

Have you always put someone else before you?
Have you cared so much for them that it has freaked them out??
Have your actions scared them?
Have you been overbearing?
Have they ever told you something that you didn't understand and you spent the next week figuring out what could possibly be wrong?
Have they told you that the amount you care scares the living daylight out of them?
Have they told you that things will never work out between the two of you because they don't see you that way?

Have you ever been the "them" in the picture?

What do you do in situations like this? Talking to the person in question doesn't help because he doesn't acknowledge that he is doing something wrong. What do you do? Or what would you advise me to do?

20 Jun 2008

Of sins and sweetness.

There are three sinners here! Presenting to you,

Sinner 1: Isha Mantry

Sinner 2: Sailee Mandhare

Sinner 3: Anindita Debnath


Pictures: Candies, Pali Hill.
Movie: G7, Bandra.

  • Having people checking out Isha's funky shoes. We thought of putting up a sign, 'You pay to watch!' We would have been richer by ten grand odd!
  • Watching men wearing pink shorts and exchanging looks.
  • Watching a movie together. Indiana Jones and the the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.
  • Giggling through an entire movie. Isha and I giggled so much, Sailee has officially disowned us!! ;)
  • Being able to predict most of the scenes beforehand!
  • Laughing more when our predictions came true!
  • Laughing more, just because we can!! ;)
  • Stocking on a huge salad at the salad bar in Candies.
  • Chocolate mousse and Tiramisu.
  • Giggling in the bus.
  • Giggling everywhere actually. Happiness is contagious and is also the best medicine about!! :)

  • The awww moment of the day goes to..!!!

  • Dragon chicken and chicken biryani! Not to mention the humongous salad we piled up!

  • Doing the crazy things! Have a look!

  • The sin winners are:

I haven't laughed so much for ages!! My stomach hurt from laughing so much!!! =D

Love you guys! I so needed this break!! Mwah!! <3

8 Jun 2008

Rainy days are back again!

It is that time of the year. June. The first week of June rather. It is supposed to occasionally drizzle, catch you off guard without your umbrella but nothing more and nothing less!!

BUT, now does that ever happen?

Ofcourse not!

The day you decide you want to wear your pretty white skirt, team it up with your favorite leather or grass chappals, voila; not only does it rain, it pours!! The winds howl like mad, there is an awesome dust storm before it all and then the sky just opens up and pours unto the end of thy patience! Always does. You get bored waiting, the mall doesn't have much to do, the ice cream in your hand is melting and you want to get home as quickly as you can!! However, since home is only five minutes away, you bargain with yourself saying that it is a waste to catch a rickshaw and you negotiate with yourself until you see the family pack dripping all the amazing ice cream into your bag.

So, hurriedly you run towards the rickshaw stand, getting wet in the rain and trying to convince the stubborn asses to drive you down to your place! But they staunchly refuse, laughing at your plight! One would have thought you were asking for a free lift! It is not like you refuse to pay!!!

So, by this time, you are soaking, because it never rains, it always pours! The ice cream is almost gone and so is your interest to wait for the rains to subside! You are dripping wet and the air conditioner in the mall isn't going to help your cause! You decide to battle the howling winds and you decide to battle the rains too!! You walk, you progressively get wetter, some ass drives by near you trying to catch a glimpse of your legs (skirt rem'r?!) and ends up splashing water from a puddle all over you!!


By this time, you have given up on yourself, everyone else had given up ages back; but then again, do you get the last laugh??


Of course not!

Then, who does..???

Mother Nature as always!!

It stops raining, the skies clear out, the sun shines and you can see a rainbow!!


We need you, but we don't like you! Not now, not ever! :(

I miss summer.